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JUNE 23, 2021 — LITTLE ROCK, Ark.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– Windstream Enterprise (WE), a managed communications service provider, recently launched Revolution, a mass notification tool that can be integrated with its award-winning Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution powered by Mitel or deployed as a standalone service. Revolution is an industry-leading software tool that enables businesses, schools, government agencies, hospitals and other large organizations to distribute alerts and media-rich messages to entire groups of people.

Designed with simplicity in mind so organizations no longer have to manage complex customer requirements, Revolution provides a critical solution for emergency or time-sensitive communications, no matter how the end-user prefers to receive information. Revolution by Windstream Enterprise is a mobile application delivering media-rich voice and image notifications and allows for two-way notifications. A variety of custom choices are available through the mobile menu, and users can enable on-and-off premises alerting or geofence support to ensure notifications are tailored to their locations. Revolution is also integrated with third-party SMS services for larger-scale text notification.

Although effectively integrated with UCaaS, Revolution is platform agnostic and designed to interoperate and unify existing premises-based or hosted communications systems, allowing users to leverage their existing network infrastructure. Revolution is best for organizations ranging from 250 to 5,000 people.

“Mass notifications are often associated with emergencies, but there are dozens of reasons businesses, schools, hospitals and other organizations need to use them, ranging from schedule changes to traffic alerts,” said Layne Levine, president of Windstream Enterprise. “In this always-on era, people expect their communications to be timely, efficient and on their own terms and devices. Revolution delivers on that expectation while also simplifying and expediting that task, giving businesses even more control and efficiency in their communications.”

In today’s ever-changing business environment, organizations must constantly adapt to new variables, including hybrid and remote workforces, changing regulations and a wide variety of communications styles and devices. Advanced software tools from Windstream Enterprise, like Revolution, enable network managers to pivot as necessary while seamlessly upgrading and enhancing their solutions for end-users.

Press Release

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