frontier_newA new Frontier logo debuts today just as Frontier is transforming itself into a national broadband player, thanks to acquisitions of former Verizon and AT&T territories. So why not reboot their look entirely?

“The evolved look reflects a transformed typeface, a brighter color palette, and a re-imagining of the arc to represent the transfer of data and the importance of connectivity,” says Frontier in a press release announcing the new logo. “The logo also uses the name Frontier Communications, instead of just Frontier, to avoid confusion in the marketplace.”

Frontier will soon close on its latest multi-billion dollar acquisition, scooping up Verizon markets in California, Texas, and Florida. After the $10 billion transaction closes, Frontier will pass 14.5 million locations, up from 8.5 million at the time the deal was announced in February 2015. Frontier’s broadband subscriber base will grow from 2.3 million to 4.5 million and video subscribers will jump to 1.8 million, up from 611 thousand (based on numbers announced in February 2015).

new frontier logo

There is additional re-branding work to do beyond the new Frontier logo, according to Cecilia McKenney, Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer for Frontier. “We are also in the process of refining a brand promise to be unveiled upon the closing of the $10.54 billion acquisition from Verizon at the end of this quarter,” said McKenney in today’s press release.

What do you think of the new Frontier logo?

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