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CAMBRIDGE, UK – Feb. 12, 2013 — Neul, Ltd. today announced the release of the world’s first TV White Space transceiver chip, Iceni. Capable of tuning across the entire UHF TV white space spectrum (470 – 790MHz), the single chip solution draws very little power while delivering reliable, secure, long range wireless, non-line-of-sight connectivity to previously unreachable applications and locations for both machine-to-machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT), as well as for applications in wireless broadband.

Developed by the team behind the world’s first single-chip Bluetooth device, Iceni communicates using white space radio to access the high quality UHF spectrum that has become available due to the transition of television from analog to more efficient digital broadcasting. Utilizing this license-exempt spectrum, Neul ‘s innovative and disruptive wireless network technology, enabled by the Iceni ASIC, dramatically reduces the costs associated with running a communications network. By deploying or using a Neul network, customers benefit from unrivalled geographic coverage, increased network capacity and dramatically reduced costs.

As the first TV White Space transceiver chip, Iceni offers an impressive level of integration:

  • Operating over the entire TV white space frequency range, from 470MHz to 790MHz, and supporting both 6 MHz and 8 MHz channel bandwidths while conforming to the strict white space regulatory requirements.
  • Adaptive digital modulation schemes and error correction methods can be selected according to the trade-off between data rate and range required for a given application.
  • Encryption mechanisms ensure secure data transfer over the air.
  • Memory-mapped parallel bus interface and discrete interrupt lines can be used for waking the external application processor, such as an ARM M3, upon receipt of a relevant frame.
  • Programmable IOs are available for controlling the external RF front-end, such as a Transmit Power Amplifier.

Neul has white space networks on four continents and continues to deploy specific white space infrastructure around the world. Devices integrating the Iceni chip can access these networks at a fraction of the cost of wired or cellular wireless connections. The network has been specifically designed to be data only in order to support the explosive growth of wireless data, including the expected billions of M2M and IoT connections. Moreover, the Iceni ASIC is designed with the small footprint, low power consumption and temperature specifications often required by these emerging applications.

“The M2M and IoT space is growing tremendously in a number of markets including oil and gas, utilities, automation and more. When we looked at existing solutions and compared them to the promise of white space, we uncovered an opportunity to help build smart infrastructure and applications at huge cost savings, without sacrificing bandwidth or reliability,” said James Collier, founder and CEO of Neul. “The Iceni chip allows us to connect to devices that were previously unreachable. This opens up entirely new options for connectivity in healthcare, transport, education, heavy industry and more. We are pleased to have reached this milestone in the charge to make white space networks and services available to those game-changing applications.”

Iceni samples are available today to select partners to begin testing and development of new white space-enabled solutions.

Press Release

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