netzero productNetZero built its business as a free alternative to AOL and other dial-up Internet services. They are now extending that model by offering a free mobile broadband offer, NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband.

The service is powered through Clearwire’s legacy 4G WiMAX service. NetZero will offer a “free” service, of up to 200 MB in data traffic per month. Additional capacity can be purchased, ranging from $10/month for 500 MB to $50/month for 5 GB. All customers must purchase a $50 USB modem to gain access. NetZero is also selling a mobile hotspot for $100, allowing up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

“Our service gives customers the freedom to take the Internet anywhere in our coverage area, without being tied to public Wi-Fi service or having to purchase higher-cost, sometimes multi-year plans offered by other mobile broadband providers. With NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband, there are no contracts or commitments, and our customers can even try our service for up to one year for free,” said Mark R. Goldston, chairman, president and CEO of United Online, NetZero’s parent company.

The service was launched yesterday in about 80 markets. Don’t expect significant expansion, since NetZero 4G Mobile Broadband uses Clearwire’s WiMAX network, which won’t be expanded. Clearwire is making the shift to LTE for future 4G upgrades. It’s not clear if NetZero will migrate to Clearwire’s LTE network at some point in the future.

United Online is able to offer free services like this because Internet access is really not their main business. They also operate,, and, which generate most of their consolidated revenues.

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5 thoughts on “NetZero Takes Free Internet to Mobile Broadband

  1. What do I think. It’s stupid and the CEO has lost his mind. Why put this ad on national tv when your only offering it in 80 cities. I can’t get internet unless its cell. Here you would kill all others but oh well your losing out on a chance to put all others out of business.but a year free is crazy may 6 months

  2. Regarding NetZero, I just recently purchased my own modem. NetZero states MUST PURCHASE THEIR MODEM to gain access. I checked with the company I bought modem, NETZERO WILL WORK WITH THEIR MODEM. JUST ANOTHER GMMICK TO MAKE MONEY. So disappointed with NETZERO. Selling a mobile hotspot, another GIMMICK. One year free, up to 200 mb only, another GIMMICK, so you have to buy more capacity. Someone went to college for this? How to get more money from consumer.
    Mary, Calif.

  3. I have a great laptop,but no line to my home. I don't understand mbsor that other stuff about data. Looking for something to have with me all the time. Not going to be sucked in to buying something I don;t need or want. Can anyone help? PS. I only get to the library fo it;s wi-fi once a month.

  4. And the public still just sits on it all, complaining to each other. We are so complacent and we suffer the consequences. The only way to change the capitalistic greed in this capitalistic nation, is to not be like it ourselves and, truly, group together and attack each issue at the root, until it is rid of the tricks and deception. Where others intent to follow the same path will not, for establishing statutes is the only way. ( my comment is mostly directed at the young and young of mind, that may not have the experience of the ages behind them yet, and/or fantastically available knowledge of history to guide their fruitless efforts). Think big ! Or get eaten up, little by little from those that do. Right.

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