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June 13, 2022 – Solana Beach, CA – Jack Demers, CEO, Netly Fiber announced today that the
company has finished construction of the nation’s first Open-Access Terabit-Ready fiber
network in Solana Beach, California. The multi-million dollar project took two years to complete
and includes ultra-high speed dark fiber access for every residence, business, traffic light, and
institution in the city. To achieve terabit speeds —more than 23,000-times faster than internet
speeds commonly found today—the Netly team took a bold approach and built multiple
dedicated strands of fiber to each address located on city streets. By doing so, the Netly Fiber
team was able to eliminate splitters and active components that slow speeds.

“We are happy to announce that Solana Beach is the first city in the U.S. and first in our
California pipeline to have Netly’s Terabit-Ready infrastructure throughout the community,”
said Demers. “We looked decades into the future to explore what bandwidth demand would be
like, then built a Terabit-Ready fiber network, capable of delivering future-proof speeds and
capacity for generations to come. At Netly, we believe fiber optic infrastructure is vital to our
country’s long-term prosperity and should be built once, built right, and made available to all,
and that’s exactly what we’ve done in Solana Beach,” he explained.

“We’re very excited to be named the nation’s first Terabit-Ready City,” said City of Solana
Beach Mayor Lesa Heebner. “Because of Netly’s private investment, our City IT department was
able to connect all City offices with fiber optic service—improving internet speed and reliability
while reducing costs for taxpayers. We are especially excited to see how this infrastructure can
enable future Smart City applications to improve the quality-of-life for our residents.”

Netly Fiber designs, builds, and operates its citywide Open Access networks, but is not a service
provider. The company makes its unlit fiber available to all service providers on fair, wholesale
terms. By building the underground system with multiple dedicated strands for each address,
once the fiber is deployed, surface streets will be spared disruption for generations to come,
something city leaders appreciate.

To make the concept of a Terabit-Ready city a reality, in 2018, Netly turned to Corning
Incorporated’s Optical Communications business, the industry leader in fiber optics, to develop
the state-of-the-art Terabit city fiber system. The engineers at Corning embraced Netly’s vision
of a fiber-dense city.

“This collaboration with Netly Fiber to build a true Terabit-Ready city is an important step for
Corning as we continue to play a vital role in driving the continued expansion of connectivity,”
said Darin Howe, Application Solutions Manager, Corning Optical Communications. “Corning’s
fiber optic cables handle more bandwidth with less loss in a smaller and less expensive package,
which enables lower construction costs for building networks. By densifying dedicated fibers
throughout, Netly’s system provides ultimate flexibility for the future. We think this is the
industry’s new gold standard, as Corning continues to innovate and deploy fiber globally.” he

Demers said that Netly selected Corning®SMF-28® Ultra 200 micron bend insensitive single
mode fiber for Solana Beach and intends to use the same product in Netly’s other Terabit-Ready
city clusters that Netly is eyeing throughout California.

“We’re looking to revolutionize digital infrastructure, creating limitless possibilities for cities,
utilities, wireless carriers, and internet service providers,” said Demers.

Press Release

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