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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (Aug. 10, 2011) – NeoNova Network Services, an industry leader in managed broadband services, today announced that conversions to Google Apps™ continues to grow at a rapid pace nationwide as rural Internet Service Providers (ISP) look to increase service offerings to customers while boosting new revenue streams.

NeoNova has converted 16 customers with multiple domains to Google Apps so far this year. In addition, more than another dozen are lined up for conversion through the rest of the summer and fall. Conversions are not limited to any size or region and include Telcos from Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Ohio.

NeoNova became an authorized reseller of the Google Apps suite of communication and collaboration tools for the rural ISP community in June 2010.

Google Apps features several Web-based applications with similar functionality to traditional office suites including Gmail, Google Calendar, Talk, Docs, Voice, and Sites. Google Apps is integrated with NeoNova’s NovaSubscriber provision to add even more value by enabling ISP management requirements that includes multi-tier administration support, parent/child relationships with email, archive capability, account deletion requirements, password requirements, and Single Sign-On (SSO) capability as well as a suite of customized data migration tools.

“NeoNova enables us to provide our customers with the best of both worlds: World-class apps from Google combined with friendly and responsive 24×7 support,” said Tom Dominico, Business Development Manager for Sebastian Corp. “Our customers are looking to stay with a Telco who can deliver flexible product offerings. Google keeps up with the services that folks are demanding, so we can concentrate on delivering the best service to our customers; not spend time maintaining servers and integrating separate products with our operations.”

As rural Telcos face increasing demands from customers for more services, pressure from outside competition and more focus put toward broadband opportunities, they are increasingly looking for new ways to offer competitive products, create retention opportunities and increase overall productivity. Google Apps from NeoNova allows Telcos to integrate all their business tools into one centralized place while providing a vehicle where customers always are exposed to new services and upgrades.

NeoNova’s tremendous success with Google Apps can be attributed to the following key industry trends:

• Increasing focus towards broadband connectivity in rural America: As landlines decrease, customers now demand increased broadband services for their voice, video, and regular Internet needs.

• Growing embrace of cloud computing: Cloud computing enables broadband service providers to offer new and more innovative applications; creating additional revenue streams while at the same time streamlining operations.

• Escalating use of Google Apps among the masses: More than 30 million users depend on Google for their messaging and collaboration tools. In addition, new releases are put out bi-weekly so the product is constantly updated. In addition to the services currently offered, future services also will be added as they become available.

As the most advanced provider of broadband applications to independent Telcos, NeoNova removes the complexity involved in managing broadband services and provides them in a format that can be best utilized without having to add hardware or additional human resources – allowing these Telcos to concentrate on keeping their customers happy.

“Our growth indicates that the market has reached its tipping point and Telcos can no longer continue to offer the status quo,” stated Ray Carey, CEO of NeoNova. “NeoNova is poised to deliver the high-value services to companies looking to innovate their businesses. The power of our provisioning platform integrated with the strength of Google Apps gives Telcos what they need to innovate their businesses and take advantage of the shifting broadband landscape. This will only continue to accelerate over the next year.”


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