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Williston, ND — July 29, 2015 —   Nemont announced today that it is launching Gigabit Broadband services in Williston, North Dakota. Nemont’s fiber network is now capable of delivering affordable broadband speeds of up to 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps) to both businesses and residents who are served by Nemont fiber.  Nemont has been deploying fiber in their 14,000 square mile service territory since 2007.

Nemont CEO Mike Kilgore stated, “From Scobey, Montana to Williston, North Dakota, Nemont is revolutionizing this part of the country by delivering leading edge technology to the market place. With gigabit broadband internet speeds 100 times faster than traditional speeds offered over copper networks; Nemont Fiber will foster communication service advancement in the Bakken that is unrivaled”.

Fiber optic cable has an unmatched information carrying capacity which allows Nemont to stay on the cutting edge as technology continues to evolve.

“Through our network transformation from copper to fiber, we have utilized the Calix family of products to meet our high capacity backbone, wireless backhaul, broadband access, and now, our ultra-fast Gigabit needs,” added CEO Mike Kilgore. “Calix has been with us since the day we developed our Broadband Strategy years ago and will continue to be a strategic partner for Nemont as we embark on delivering the next generation of advanced broadband services.”

In April 2015, Nemont announced the first gigabit capable network in Montana. Leading the pack and pushing for more future proof technology has always been a priority for Nemont.

“The expansion of Nemont’s gigabit services into North Dakota once again shows that Nemont is on the leading edge of service providers who are investing in their networks to deliver the ultimate broadband experience to their subscribers,” said John Colvin, senior vice president of North America sales for Calix.  “After Calix has enabled more than 100 gigabit networks around the world, we know this broadband foundation can open up a world of possibilities for residents and businesses throughout Williston”

Nemont’s Subsidiary Manager Jerry Tilley added “We’re a part of this great community and we’re proud to be the technology leader.  Nemont isn’t just building networks for today, we’re building networks for the future.  Adding gigabit speeds in the Williston market allows residential and business locations served by Nemont Fiber to leverage the power of advanced technology not available from any other service provider in the area.”

Local business leaders agree as Steve Kemp owner of Pro IT, an IT integration and service support provider headquartered in Williston commented, “By bringing Gigabit internet to Williston and the surrounding area, Nemont has leap frogged the region ahead of most of the rest of the nation when it comes to high speed internet.   This is a serious quality of life advancement from which our businesses and residents will reap the benefit.  Thank you Nemont for taking a bold leap forward and bringing us a top quality, high speed internet solution that we can all be proud of.”

Press Release

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