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April 30, 2021 – Red River Communications, with over 4,000 customers in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota has started delivering the Innovative Systems Video solution using Arvig, a regional headend provider headquartered in Perham Minnesota. According to Red River General Manager Tom Steinolfson, the key to success for rural video operators today is to consolidate their headend efforts as a means to reduce and spread out costs, and having partners like Arvig and Innovative Systems has worked out very well for their company.

Red River is Using the Multi-Generation TV Approach

Steinolfson says that demographics dictate a multi-pronged approach for rural companies who desire to offer video. While older customers aren’t ready to make the leap into streaming, Red River gives them a free taste test of streaming by offering any of their IPTV customers the streaming service at no extra charge. Steinolfson says customers can watch their Red River Digital TV on any TV in their home just by using a Roku, Apple TV, or other compatible smart device. This value added offering is good for TVs that only get watched once-in-a-while.

Steinolfson believes that once a customer gets more comfortable with a Roku or Amazon remote they will actually find it easier to interact with the program guide, cDVR, and Restart TV features on the Innovative solution because there are fewer buttons on the consumer device remotes.

Press Release

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