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April 15, 2020  — Westby, WI – MVS has launched MVSSTREAM, a cloud-based video offering that alleviates the need for local video headends. The Multi-Generation TV platform from Innovative Systems is providing many of the key components for the MVSSTREAM service. As part of this solution, Innovative Systems is providing the platform and encryption to allow IPTV and Adaptive Bit Rate live streaming for the MVSSTREAM product.

According to Jerry Weber, VP of Voice and Video Services from Innovative Systems, “Several years ago, Midwest Video Solutions (MVS) and their members selected us to evolve their video products with features like network DVR, Restart, & VOD for IPTV. After announcing the Multi-Generation TV (MGTV) solution that allows consumers the option to ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) out of the same InnoStream™ platform, MVS members decided to deepen their relationship with our company.” Weber cites this as a win-win partnership, where MVS receives a video solution that is scalable from their existing platform along with features and troubleshooting tools that service providers and their endusers are seeking in today’s video market.

MVS Executive Director Marty Snustead says that partnering with local broadband providers allows this cloud-based solution to remain local with full ownership and control of the network from the headend all the way to the end user’s home. Snustead adds that this is very important because it allows MVS and its member affiliates to more efficiently troubleshoot issues. Another benefit is the multi-profile flexibility of the MVSSTREAM video source, which allows any service provider regardless of their middleware or HLS vendor, to ingest the content provided by this solution. This service is being deployed in many locations throughout the Midwest, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and Kansas.

Press Release

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