Internet Protocol Subscriber Line™ (™) technology is the newest broadband technology on the block. IPSL is a proprietary broadband technology invented by . Rim recently announced a trial of IPSL with of Ringgold, GA. Rim also has a trial ongoing with of Bixby, OK. IPSL promises bandwidth throughput of up to 35 Mbps at distances of up to 8,000 feet. If its promise proves to be reality, IPSL would be a welcome broadband solution for many carriers, especially telcos facing cable modem competition.

IPSL would also be a welcome solution for providers. Thirty-five Mbps conceivably provides adequate bandwidth for multiple HD streams, as well as other IPTV bandwidth intense applications. But before we get ahead of ourselves, IPSL has a long way to go before it proves to be a viable broadband option. But it will certainly be worth watching.

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5 thoughts on “Move Over DSL, Here Comes IPSL

  1. Let’s assume for a second that this stuff works (big assumption, right). Does this mean we have to get all new content rights for using it for IPTV?

  2. We’ve seen so many of these technologies come and go. They always make me a little leary. I remember when LMDS was going to be the next great broadband wireless service. Now look at it.

  3. Great question! I would assume yes, but the devil is in the details. Don’t know enough about IPSL, but maybe it could be “grandfathered” with DSL, per content agreements. But I yield to someone who can offer more insight on this?

  4. The press release states 35Mb @ 8KFt, but the graph n the product brief for the chipset shows a lot lower than 35 Mb at 8. This smacks of marketing, rather than engineering expertise. Hmmm??? But it’s in trial with a couple of IPTV providers now. Ringgold has been in the IPTV almost from the beginning, so they should be a good test bed. Hopefully Rim will let us know the results. If this stuff works, I want some!!!!

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