Symantec’s “2012 State of Mobility” report suggests business use of mobile devices now has reached a tipping point. Most organizations are making line-of-business application available. Some 59 percent of respondents reported this to be the case.

Also, 71 percent of businesses are now looking at implementing a corporate “store” for mobile applications.

The survey was conducted by Applied Research and involving 6,275 organizations of all sizes in 43 countries.

Security remains a key issue, though. Small and large businesses have suffered a variety of losses, measured by direct financial expenses, loss of data, and damage to the brand
or loss of customer trust.

Within the last 12 months, the average cost of these losses was $247,000 overall. Small businesses averaged $126,000 of loss, while enterprises averaged $429,000. In the end, however, most organizations feel that mobility is worth the challenges. About 71 percent of respondents say they at least break even on the risks versus rewards.

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