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Bude, MS–Oct 25, 2012– Citing the great success that they have had with the APMAX™ on the voice side of their business, Telepak IT Manager, Rob Mason, commented that with the other providers they would have to go out and purchase new servers, hardware, and create a new database; whereas, with the Innovative solution these key pieces were already in place.

Mason also said, “We contacted numerous APMAX middleware customers for references and they all echoed the same thing; a stable reliable middleware, easy to deploy and maintain, and that it just works.” Mason added, “Our area of Mississippi encounters numerous power outages during the year and our previous provider created many reboot and start up challenges that we just did not want to deal with. Our past experience with the APMAX platform on the voice side gives us the confidence that when the power comes back on, our customers will have their video service.”

Mason reports that the customers they have already converted have been very receptive to the switch and that the refined look of the Program Guide has thus far been well received. Particularly commented on, has been the responsiveness of the Program Guide. Customers also appreciate the sleek design of the new set top boxes, and from a service provider side, Mason says having one brand of set top box, Amino, is actually an advantage. Mason says, “We are already starting to see that our support group can more efficiently manage our video system and quickly resolve customer questions with one brand in our network that is totally supported by the Innovative Systems solution.”

Press Release

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