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Customer Voice Mails Converted to Text are Delivered as SMS Messages or Emails with Sound File Attached

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MetroPCS Communications (NYSE: PCS), the nation’s leading provider of unlimited, flat-rate, no signed contract wireless communications is the first national carrier in the United States to utilize fully automated voice mail-to-text service. This feature automatically converts a voice mail message to text message and sends the content as an SMS or email – eliminating the need to dial in and listen to voice mails or write down details.

“Customers are keenly interested in the latest wireless innovation combined with the greatest value,” said Roger D. Linquist, president, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of MetroPCS. “Automated conversion of voice mails to text is the biggest innovation to voice mail in decades. By converting messages to text and sending along as email or SMS, MetroPCS voice mail becomes a convenient real-time communication tool akin to instant messaging and email itself.”

MetroPCS is one of the first carriers in the U.S. to take advantage of advances in automated speech recognition, offering a service that ensures privacy and much faster conversions than human-assisted solutions. The feature is powered by Yap, a leader in automated voice mail-to-text services.

“We’ve truly reached a tipping point where the accuracy of fully automated voice mail-to-text solutions rival, and in some cases exceed that of human transcribed offerings,” said Igor Jablokov, chief executive officer at Yap. “We worked very closely with the MetroPCS team to deploy a service that makes their subscribers’ mobile experience more compelling. Voice mail transcriptions can be read, replied, forwarded, stored and searched, just like email.”

A key feature to the service is the inclusion of a voice file attached to a converted email message. The file can be saved as a keepsake for sentimental messages or reviewed to determine the caller’s mood and inflection when necessary.

MetroPCS offers automated voice mail-to-text service to customers as an a-la-carte add on for $3. Consumers can visit any of MetroPCS’ authorized dealer locations and company-owned retail locations or visit MetroPCS’ website at to sign up for service plans and choose voice mail-to-text.

Press Release

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