that recent research done by Infonetics confirms that they are the “number one supplier of Class 5 softswitch licenses with 18.4 percent share.” If you look at just North America, the percentage jumps to 60 percent. Given MetaSwitch’s relatively young age, the numbers are impressive.

Full disclosure – our parent company does consulting work for MetaSwitch. But that doesn’t stop us from commenting on this feat. Now, MetaSwitch will argue their technology and company strategy execution is the primary reason behind this new crown. We’ll agree with that up to a point. But you also have to consider the rather legendary ‘mis-steps’ of companies like , who at one point, owned the switching market that MetaSwitch now appears to dominate. Quite a precipitous fall. Maybe a new battle will emerge from whoever picks up Nortel’s switching assets out of bankruptcy. Will that entity rise again to now take on MetaSwitch?

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