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PLEASANTON, Calif., Jan. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — MegaPath Corporation, a leading provider of managed data, voice, security and hosted IT services in North America, today announced the availability of its Enterprise Shared Voice service that enables organizations to share call capacity and calling plans, and supports a combination of voice technologies, across business locations. With this offering, MegaPath is providing a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for customers to manage their voice technologies, users and capacity throughout the organization.

Enterprise Shared Voice enables multi-site businesses to utilize cloud-provisioned voice resources, including concurrent call capacity and calling plans, across all of their business locations, regardless of the voice technology used at each location. Unlike traditional VoIP solutions that require companies to purchase capacity based on the number of users or estimated call volume at each location, Enterprise Shared Voice enables customers to share, pool and manage their communications resources across their organization, thereby avoiding the waste of unused toll-free and long-distance minutes for added savings. The service supports multiple handoff types, including Hosted Voice, SIP Trunking, PRI and analog lines, thus customers can avoid or delay costly investments in equipment purchases or upgrades. Additionally, every user, regardless of their location and the type of service in use, has access to next-generation communications and collaboration features to help boost productivity, promote mobility and improve communications with customers and colleagues.

“As enterprises continue to add new offices and become more distributed, the demand is increasing for flexible communications solutions that optimize resources and reduce costs,” said Dan Foster, President, Business Markets, MegaPath. “MegaPath’s Enterprise Shared Voice enables our customers to streamline communications across all of their locations, introduce advanced calling features no matter what voice technologies they’re using, and easily scale as their businesses grow.”

With Enterprise Shared Voice, MegaPath makes it easy for customers to manage voice services across multiple locations. Customers can allocate minimum and maximum concurrent call sessions to defined groups or locations, allowing for independent capacity sharing for specific groups and teams in an organization. Additionally, MegaPath allows customers to extend the useful life of existing equipment and gradually migrate away from legacy voice technologies as budget and resources permit.

To learn more about MegaPath’s Enterprise Shared Voice service, contact MegaPath at 1-877-611-6342.

Press Release

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