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PLEASANTON, Calif. & MANNFORD, Okla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, MBOi (Interactive), a video solution provided by MBO Video LLC, and 180SQUARED unveiled the world’s first IPTV Managed Cloud Service called Cirrus Managed Cloud Solutions. The Cirrus solution is built with 180SQUARED’s v.Unison solution set, which enables a shared installation of an IPTV Middleware platform among multiple entities, while maintaining a secure, autonomous environment for each individual entity’s back-end systems and customized offering.

“By sharing the infrastructure and costs, IPTV becomes a much more viable and competitive product offering,” said Gene Baldwin of MBO Video LLC. “We recognized the business potential of IPTV, and we’re eager to supply service providers and other entities, such as hotels and hospitality providers, economies of scale for more robust video solutions. 180SQUARED’s v.Unison encapsulated into the Cirrus Solution allows us to do that and share IPTV offerings with other entities simply and efficiently.”

The Cirrus Managed Cloud Solution, based on Microsoft Mediaroom, gives providers immediate access to applications designed to differentiate their IPTV service including onscreen Caller ID (VoIP and TDM compatibility), remote PVR scheduling, Whole Home PVR, and other customer applications. In addition to these rich subscriber experiences, the Cirrus solution provides ongoing maintenance support to the installation and subscribing entities. Ultimately, the MBOi solution allows service providers the opportunity to access this shared installation to reduce the CAPEX and OPEX necessary for entry into the market.

v.Unison is a solution set composed of 180SQUARED’S v.Orchestra products and Quantum Site Technology and includes:

* v.Maestro IPTV Middleware Integration & Management Platform that provides the critical entry point into a complex IPTV Middleware implementation in order to manage, integrate, and police multiple, disparate B/OSS systems and 3rd party applications

* v.Harmonizer Device Provisioning Module that allows for multiple methods of Set-Top Box (STB) device activation and provisioning.

* v.Harmonizer Billing Adapter Module that enables the required extraction and auditing of billing events from the IPTV Middleware to the billing systems in the formats that the systems require.

* Quantum Site Technology, which segregates data at a domain level (subscribers, devices, channel maps, and users) and ensures that while multiple entities share the IPTV Middleware installation, they autonomously manage their own environment for their back-end billing and operational systems integration and management, and are empowered to offer their own branded experiences and unique offerings.

v.Unison, with its v.Maestro platform, easily integrates into a service provider’s network and back-end systems. For example, MBO Video affiliates, Cimarron Telephone, Cim-Tel Cable and Pottawatomie Telephone use MACC’s Customer Master Software for customer care and end-user billing. MACC easily developed an interface between Customer Master and the v.Maestro Integration and Management platform to auto-provision IPTV customers in Microsoft Mediaroom.

“From the beginning of the project, we found 180SQUARED to be very easy to work with. Their Application Programming Interface (API) was straight forward and easy to integrate with. It has been a great partnership so far and we look forward to working with 180SQUARED on future implementations,” said Joelle Kesling, Director, Client Services from MACC.

“v.Unison and MBO’s revolutionary new Cirrus Managed Cloud Solutions, are just one example of the opportunities 180SQUARED is creating through our focus on simplifying IPTV network integration and management,” said Mark Cooper, Chairman and Chief Technology Office of 180SQUARED. “We have created a set of IPTV building blocks, v.Orchestra, which we can work with service providers to assemble into new IPTV-related offerings that reduce the time and costs of IPTV deployment and maximize IPTV revenue potential.”

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