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According to a report from, there are now over 8K marketing technology (martech) solutions available to help marketers be more effective and efficient. Those solutions range from typical CRM applications, to email marketing platforms, to video and content marketing solutions, to dashboards and data visualization.

Indeed, the growth in technology tools to help marketers better reach and engage prospects and customers is mind boggling, and according to, is up over 5000% percent since 2011. Some of these tools do amazing things and give marketers unbelievable visibility into the market, dramatically improving the effectiveness of marketing tactics.

So we would like to understand how this changing marketing landscape is impacting the broadband industry. And that’s where you come in. Telecompetitor is conducting a survey of the broadband industry to understand how marketing technology is being used and how it is impacting overall marketing strategy.

Broadband service providers who participate in this survey will gain access to a report summarizing how the industry is using martech and the impact it is having. Your participation will allow you to benchmark what your company is currently doing within the broader broadband industry.

The survey is open to broadband service providers only, and we’ll also provide a $20 Amazon gift card to all qualified respondents who complete the survey. It should take 15 minutes or less to complete.

Respond to the survey here.

Check out the infographic below highlighting all of the martech solutions available today at or download it here.


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