Managed home Wi-Fi networks will grow to just under 300 million in the next five years, according to a new managed home Wi-Fi networks forecast from Maravedis, LLC. The research firm said that the 40 million homes with managed Wi-Fi in 2020 will grow in number to 294 million by 2025.

Maravedis LLC added that most service providers are making management of the quality of the broadband experience in the home a priority, with Wi-Fi the focal point of that strategy. That means providing more than just high speed. Quality of experience now also includes lower latency required to support 4K /8K, gaming, and VR applications. 

Managed Home Wi-Fi Networks Forecast
Innovation for a more robust connected home levering Wi-Fi and IoT is moving swiftly, according to the report. There are several initiatives to create a more agile CPE, one with an open-source, agnostic middleware between the cloud and the home devices. Yet, even with these efforts and the popularity of EasyMesh, many service providers consider proprietary solutions to be superior and will continue deploying these until standardized solutions gain momentum. 

Additionally, some large service providers with sufficient resources prefer to develop their gateways and software internally, rather than buy them from third parties

“Most operators are motivated by the reduction in OPEX and improvements of their NPS score, while a minority attempts to monetize managed Wi-Fi. As a result, managed Wi-Fi is a fast-growing market and will reach a 29% penetration of the total broadband lines in service by 2025,” said Adlane Fellah, Maravedis founder and author of the report, in a prepared statement

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