magicjackgoMagicJackGO, a new offering announced today from magicJack VocalTec, targets people who want to use the company’s “ultra low-cost” voice over Internet protocol service on both a landline and a mobile phone.  The offering builds on separate landline and mobile offerings from the company.

“We designed the magicJackGO with the value conscious mobile consumer in mind by providing the ability to take your number with you on-the-go via the magic App,” said Timothy McDonald, chief operating officer for magicJack, in today’s announcement. “Mobility is increasingly important for busy moms, small business owners, freelancers, international callers or anyone who simply can’t afford to miss a call.”

The magicJackGO offering costs $59.95 and includes:

  • A single number that can be used on traditional phones and smartphones
  • A magicJackGO device to enable a traditional phone to connect to the service using the customer’s landline broadband connection
  • One year of unlimited free calling in the U.S. and Canada
  • Free calls to other magicJack users worldwide
  • A free magicApp that enables the service to work on a smartphone using data connectivity rather than voice minutes

For a limited time buyers also will get a $10 credit that can be used for other magicJack services such as number porting and international calling to traditional phone numbers.

MagicJack earned 90% of its retail revenues from sales through Walmart, RadioShack, Best Buy, Target and Fry’s in 2012 and 2013, the VoIP provider noted in today’s release. Those retailers are improving in-store merchandising footprints for increased visibility of the new offering, MagicJack VocalTec said.

“No other product in our category can match our breadth of retail distribution,” boasted McDonald in today’s announcement.

Using VoIP to connect calls eliminates some of the costs associated with traditional phone service, although others, including per-minute termination charges to traditional phones, continue to apply. MagicJack apparently bases its pricing on aggregate usage patterns. Additionally the company may not be paying some of the fees traditionally paid by communications service providers.  In 2011, for example, the company was accused of not paying 9-1-1 emergency number support fees.

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3 thoughts on “MagicJackGO Integrates Landline, Mobile VoIP

  1. I actually have the 1st (Desktop Only Version), 2nd (Direct Connect RJ45 to Router), and 3rd Generation (WiFi Connect to Router) Dongles on hand. I remember having to buy a HP Compaq t5710 Thin Client Computer, do a Firmware Update to save OS that boots-up with the 1st Generation Dongle attached and use it without the Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor (all 3 removed) just because it was quiet (no Fans) and used very little electricity. Then, MJ would push a Dongle Update every now and then which stops the Thin Client from completing the connections until you put on the Mouse, Keyboard & Monitor back on to see what was changed – THEN resave the firmware changes all over again until MJ pushes another update. I used the Thin Client because I didn't want to have a Soft Dial Pad popping up on my regular desktop activities AND my desktop uses lots of power – driving up the electric bills if I wanted to keep it on to make/receive MJ calls.

    Then, the 2nd Generation showed up claiming the Dongle now has its own mini computer inside (the Dongle) and can be connected directly to the back of the router via RJ45 (Cat5e Cable). Great, I can put away the Thin Client, but I ended up installing a Mechanical Timer on the USB Power Adapter to shut the Dongle OFF for 30 minutes (set for 1AM to 1:30AM) because I would lose my dial tone every 24 hours for unknown reasons and rebooting the MJ Dongle always solved the problem (no matter what Brand Name router I was using).

    Then, the 3rd Generation Dongle arrived boasting the use of a Wi-Fi connection without using a direct connection to the back of my router (real estate was fully populated back there and adding Ethernet Switches helped only a little). BUT! The little LIGHT would show up flashing on the dongle 2-3 times each day (no dial-tone) requiring rebooting each time. Using the DMZ on the Router to dedicate it to the MJ Dongle helped a lot but still had to reboot often.

    Got fed up with it and set the FREE Call Forwarding FEATURE to ring my Cell Phone OR my re-instated Land-Line until MAGICJACK PEOPLE decided to remove the FREE call forwarding feature WITHOUT NOTICE. That means they changed the Terms Of Use contract after I had already prepaid for the 5 additional years.

    Pulled out the MJ devices and bought NETTALK Dongles which did not quit on me as often as the MJ devices (maybe once each week, but I had to reboot the router first and then start up the NetTalk Dongle afterwards).

    Although, I have the 1st Generation Dongle still active (total of 6 years prepaid), I left the MJ Dongle unplugged and downloaded the MJ App on my China Built 3G Smartphone to use the MJ Services.

    What is really confusing to me is WHAT IS SO DIFFERENT (besides the exterior Dongle case) with the 4th Generation MagicJack Device? I already get the bragged about services that are available on the prior Generation Dongles. What I do notice is that the yearly price is now $35 a YEAR. It was $19.95 plus oddball fees per year when pre-purchasing the 5 added year plans. What I think is being sneaky about the KEEP YOUR EXISTING PHONE NUMBER is that there is a $10 charge for RENEWING that ported number EACH YEAR even though all you see in the advertisements is; ONE TIME CHARGE of $10 for porting.

    So, Here's what happened (HISTORY) with me. Call Forwarding was taken away during the Contract Period. Suddenly, my Ported Number(s) are now being charged additional $10 each year. I actually have a fear of buying their 4th Generation Device because of their past history. It was "DAN" who was always referred to in the unofficial MagigJack Forums when everyone had a gripe with magicJack. They still do NOT have a real live phone support you can call to TALK to CUSTOMER SERVICE. Only a Chat Session which has improved this year, but I am guessing it's because of the roll-out of the 4th Generation Devices.

    I am going to just sit back and see what the MJ People will change on their new Customers because I know that their History equals their Future! My suggestion: Do your own research before investing in any VoIP Company. (Here's a hint: What ever happened to Sky-Rocket VoIP?)

  2. I have had magic jack for 4 years and have saved over $6000.00 in that time period. its a good product. I still have the original magic jack.

  3. I am a new customer, I have purchased the $69.00 majicjack to be used without a computer. I am not computer savvy and need verbal help in setting this up. Are there any humans that can be called to explain the procedure to a person like myself, if so how can I contact them on a TELEPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!
    . I would like to start using the devise asap.


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