, the little USB VoIP engine that could, has some interesting improvements on the way. Magic Jack is a USB device that provides VoIP service by connecting a traditional phone to a broadband connected computer. The device sells for $39.95 and offers a year of unlimited local and long distance calling through the device. Additional years are $19.95 per. Magic Jack claims three million units sold.

According to Laptop Magazine, several . These improvements include a possible , telephone number porting (for both existing and new purchases), Linux capability, and a possible mobile phone app (similar to the recently released Skype iPhone app). Speaking about the pending femtocell, Magic Jack inventor Dan Borislow tells Laptop Magazine, “… it’ll be just a little bigger [than the current magicJack] and the expense will be just a few dollars more.” Once dismissed as a VoIP ‘trinket,’ Magic Jack has built a respectable niche. Those alleged three million customers came from somewhere.

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4 thoughts on “Magic Jack Femtocell Coming?

  1. Count me among the 3 million MJ customers. It works for me very well. Not only is it cheap, but since dumping my landline, I am saving an additional $500 per year.
    It’s just plain smart.

  2. I’m wondering how this would work. Magicjack would become an MVNO for a US carrier. When you are in the house, you’ll use their signal inputted via wifi and exported to GSM (and CDMA). When you walk out of your house or office, you’ll switch to the carrier.

    I’m wondering if the carrier will be one of the US biggies or an MVNO on Cricket/MetroPCS.

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