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April 15, 2021 – As some telecommunication companies look to get out of video, Lynxx Network’s finds value, in not only staying in the video business, but also trying to future proof their service offering.

With Lynxx Network’s desire to maximize existing investment in their fiber optic network, they have decided to launch MVSStream, an in-home, app based, streaming service, allowing consumers to view television the way they want. Jim Costello, CEO of Lynxx Networks states, “by adding MVSStream to our existing product portfolio, we are hopeful that we can meet the consumer’s desire for video consumption across different generations.”

Costello believes a triple play offering to consumers is what serves the rural communities best, so they aren’t looking to get out of video, but rather to adapt to the changes in video consumption. Lynxx’s Marketing Manager states,” The MVSStream service is a natural add on service for our customer base looking for another choice in entertainment viewing. It pairs seamlessly with our fiber gigabit internet service for a win/win customer experience.”

Lynxx, like many other telecommunication companies are focused on building out fiber to make their communities stronger, to provide options for telecommuters, to allow for telehealth, and to appeal to the younger generation as they consider where to plant their roots and raise their families. Therefore, it makes sense for Lynxx to offer a video experience that some of their younger consumers only know about, the app-based viewing model.

MVS has been seeing the distribution model of video change over the years, as it migrates from traditional IPTV with a set top box at each television set, to HLS, an offering that allows consumers to bring their own device, and toggle between the apps they have downloaded for all of their entertainment needs. Marty Snustead, MVS Executive Director states, “We recognized that in order to remain viable, we needed to upgrade our headend. Not to mention, our strong relationships with programmers, has enabled us to be one of the few headends that has been able to attain transport rights on a national scale.” MVS now offers headend signal, inclusive of MPEG4 and adaptive bitrate signal to serve the market’s needs. In addition, with partnerships that MVS has made in the industry, MVS is able to provide and consult an end-to-end solution to power MVSStream.

Press Release

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