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DENVER, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lumen Technologies (NYSE: LUMN) has expanded its Edge Computing Solutions infrastructure and is giving businesses even more options to work at the Edge to gain a competitive advantage. Customers can now procure Lumen Edge Bare Metal services online, and within an hour gain access to high-powered computing infrastructure on the Lumen platform. Today with Lumen Edge Bare Metal, Lumen can cover roughly 60% of U.S. enterprise locations within 5 milliseconds of latency, with 95% coverage planned by end of year. Additionally, customers can use Lumen Network Storage to take advantage of secure, scalable, and fast storage where and when they need it.

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According to a recent global survey conducted by analyst firm IDC and sponsored by Lumen, business leaders measure the success of Edge storage solutions across five key areas – customer satisfaction, product performance, compliance, cost and agility. Lumen Network Storage can help customers achieve improvements across all these key areas.

To view the IDC InfoBrief, “Edge Computing Solutions Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” Doc. #US47222020, January 2021, visit:

Lumen Network Storage delivers Edge storage services as close to customer workloads as possible, making storing and transporting data to multiple locations, IT teams, and across multi-cloud environments easy, fast, and efficient.

“There is an explosion of data at the Edge coming from IoT devices and enterprises need the ability to store and process data closer to end users in order to drive amazing digital experiences,” said Chris McReynolds, vice president, edge cloud product management, Lumen Technologies. “Lumen Network Storage along with Lumen Edge Bare Metal and our deep network reach gives customers the flexibility to process and store data in an ultra-low latency environment, delivering improved performance and reliability.”

With Lumen Edge Bare Metal, enterprises can benefit from:

  • Superior application performance from running on edge nodes designed for 5 millisecond round-trip latency over the Lumen fiber network.
  • Improved control and performance with the ability to run applications and workloads on a unified platform. Customers can focus efforts on developing applications and bringing them to market rather than on time-consuming infrastructure deployment.
  • Enhanced security and connectivity with dedicated, single tenancy servers designed to isolate and protect data and deliver high-performance networking across the company’s extensive and deeply peered global backbone.
  • Cost savings with the ability to turn bare metal servers on and off as needed with pay-as-you-go flexibility.

Lumen Network Storage offers the following benefits:

  • Allows enterprises and public sector organizations to ingest and update data at the edge in whatever file storage protocol meets their needs.
  • Allows customers to quickly add additional storage, where they need it, as well as sync and replicate data without additional infrastructure.
  • Delivers costs savings from eliminating outgoing data charges and infrastructure maintenance costs, as well as pay-as-you-go pricing model.
  • Also available as dedicated Network Storage nodes connected to the Lumen network.

Key Facts:

  • Lumen Edge Computing Solutions are designed to meet 95% of the U.S. enterprise demand within 5 milliseconds of latency, as well as in many other connected locations across the globe.
  • For a current list of live and planned edge locations, visit:
  • The Lumen low latency network is comprised of approximately 450,000 global route miles of fiber and more than 180,000 on-net buildings, seamlessly connected to:
    • 2,200 public and private third-party data centers in North America, Europe & Middle East, Latin America, and Asia Pacific
    • Leading public cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute & Azure Government, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud

Press Release

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