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Small rural telcos that have served Nebraska for decades won the majority of $19.7 million in broadband deployment funding awarded by the state yesterday. Ten companies in total won funding, which came through the state’s Broadband Bridge Program.

The biggest winner was local provider Hartelco, which was established in 1905. The company won four awards totaling almost $7.2 million.

The next biggest winner was Glenwood Telecommunications, which was established in 1957. The company won five awards totaling over $3.5 million.

The third biggest winner also was a local company – Pinpoint Communications – which won over $2.6 million for three projects. The company is owned by another local rural provider – Cambridge Telephone Company, which won over $1.1 million for a single project.

Cableco Cox Communications was the fourth biggest winner and will take home nearly $2.4 million for two projects.

Another local rural provider —  Diller Telephone Company, also known as Diode Cable – rounded out the top five. The company will receive over $1.2 million for two projects.

Two major providers that operate in multiple states – CenturyLink/Lumen and Charter – won relatively small amounts. Charter won a single award for nearly $492,000 and Lumen/CenturyLink won a single award for $92,280.

The other two winners also were local companies. Midstates Data Transport, also known as Stealth Broadband, won $785,887 for a single project and Allo Communications won $223,700 for two projects.

Only about half of the 19 companies that applied for funding were winners. The Nebraska Public Service Commission, which is administering the program, received applications for a total of 51 projects, of which 22 were awarded funding.

The funding was finalized in a bill that was approved by state legislators.

A complete list of winners with additional details is available at this link.

Additional information about Nebraska broadband, including links to state resources, state-specific Telecompetitor coverage and more, can be  found on the Broadband Nation page for the state.

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