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mobileTVCable and IPTV providers have long known about the advantages of offering TV advertising for their local businesses on popular cable TV networks. Besides generating additional revenue for their cable/IPTV operation, local ad insertion helps stimulate local economies and keeps ad spending local. While television advertising remains very effective, expanding the reach of local advertising to other screens, including tablets, smartphones, and laptops is now critically important.

It’s no secret that consumers now fully embrace multiple screens in their daily life. In fact, a recent Cable Nation: What’s Driving Digital report found that 38% of daily media interactions are now via smartphone.

Ninety percent of all media interactions are screen based – TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Not only are consumers utilizing multiple screens throughout the day, they are often viewing multiple screens simultaneously, or multi-tasking.  To reach consumers today, advertising strategies must include a multiscreen approach.

Advertising Trends
Cable TV advertising spend is projected to remain quite stable over the next few years, due in part to its proven business model. But online/digital and mobile advertising spending is projected to grow significantly in the next few years, increasing by over 60% by some estimates. This increase is expected to negatively impact other advertising mediums including radio, local directories, billboards, and newspapers.

Participating in this new digital growth is paramount for operators who see value in generating incremental revenue through advertising. Indeed, local ad insertion has now evolved and success involves an integrated approach for both traditional TV and digital.

Prime Media Productions has been providing turnkey local ad insertion for over 26 years and recently broadened its portfolio to include digital advertising solutions. Prime Media now empowers its partners to take advantage of this shift to digital by providing fully integrated cable TV and digital ad insertion solutions.

Our digital advertising solution includes:

  • Revenue sharing for digital ad placement with our partners.
  • Pre-roll video ads featuring local businesses on popular online video sites including CNN, ESPN, USA Today, and many more.
  • Digital display ads on popular national, regional, and local websites for both desktop and mobile.
  • Retargeting, demographic targeting, behavioral targeting, contextual targeting and location targeting options are available.
  • Turnkey support for operator partners.

Contact us today to learn more.

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