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New York – March 14, 2023 – /PRNewswire/ – Lightpath, an all-fiber, infrastructure-based connectivity provider that is revolutionizing how organizations connect to their digital destinations, announced today the launch of an enhanced national long-haul network that will offer high bandwidth wavelength and Ethernet services between Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Ashburn, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami. 

Lightpath customers can choose bandwidth options up to 100 Gbps, in the form of a wavelength service or switched Ethernet service. Long-haul customers can also easily scale up their bandwidths as their demands change over time. This high-performance network will also serve as the intercity backbone connecting Lightpath’s core markets of New York Metro, Boston Metro, and Miami Metro. 

Additionally, Lightpath now offers long-haul customers the ability to connect locally in non-core long-haul cities like Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Ashburn. Lightpath can offer these customers all-fiber connectivity from the local, long-haul point-of-presence to their specified end location. 

“Many Lightpath customers require powerful connectivity between major cities – connectivity that is reliable as well as easily scalable. This enhanced long-haul network will address those needs, while adding the ability to connect them locally – all in a single bundle from Lightpath, with Lightpath support standing behind it,” commented Chris Morley, CEO of Lightpath. “These long-haul enhancements create a cohesive and powerful long-haul solution that offers customers incredible performance with the highest levels of reliability.” 

Lightpath announced its entrance into the Miami market in late 2022. Lightpath customers can now easily connect in-and-out of Miami and have access to the entire Lightpath network of over 20,000 route miles of fiber connecting over 13,500 service locations. Lightpath’s Miami network will connect diversely to the Lightpath network through Atlanta and Dallas.

This enhanced long-haul network also opens up connectivity options for customers seeking to utilize Lightpath’s previously announced New York to Ashburn express route, that is geographically diverse from typical routes along Interstate 95. For customers with end points in Ashburn, this route offers direct connectivity back to locations in the New York Metro region. 

For more information about Lightpath’s Long-Haul Solutions, please visit Follow Lightpath on LinkedIn.

Press Release

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