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West Liberty, Iowa and Fairfield, Iowa – October 10, 2022 – Liberty Communications Corp., one of Eastern Iowa’s fastest growing broadband providers announces that it has agreed to purchase the assets of Fairfield, Iowa based Natel Broadband. 

The transaction will allow the combined resources of both organizations to help accelerate the expansion of fiber broadband, fixed wireless, and voice services for both residential and commercial customers located in both service areas as well as future expansion areas.

Liberty Communications is a private family-owned company which has been in the Melick family since 1907.  Primarily an ILEC (Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier) organization throughout its time, Liberty has built a world class fiber optics network that rivals even the larger industry players.  With a strong network foundation already in place made to scale, customer service that is second to none, and a renewed focus on accelerated growth, Liberty is ecstatic to join forces with Natel who shares in the same quality standards for their customers. 

“We see Natel as an exceptional local provider with a growth minded leadership team and a company culture that aligns closely with Liberty’s,” said Justin Stinson, CEO of Liberty Communications.  “We feel that the combination of our two companies will allow us to aggressively reach new customers, expand our product portfolio and grow as a unified organization focused on the best telecommunications services for residents and businesses in the communities we serve.” stated Stinson.

Natel Broadband launched in 1996 in Fairfield, Iowa and maintains a high-end network that consists of both state-of-the-art FTTH (fiber to the home) as well as a robust fixed wireless network covering a broad rural area in Southeast Iowa.  Natel has built a strong reputation within their communities for outstanding customer service, high integrity business practices and highly reliable network performance. 

“We are thrilled that Liberty Communications is aligned with our core focus of providing internet solutions to rural Iowans. Their dedication to a positive employee culture, great customer service, and to helping Iowa communities thrive make them an outstanding fit to continue Natel’s mission. For more than 26 years, Natel has endeavored to provide the best internet services in southeast Iowa.  We are confident that Liberty Communications, combined with Natel, will become an even better company for both our customers and our dedicated employees.” said Natel President, Mike Schill.

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