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West Liberty and West Branch, Iowa — January 22, 2024 — Liberty Communications Corp., a leading internet service provider in Eastern Iowa, announces the completion of a monumental fiber internet expansion project. This marks a historic accomplishment for the locally based provider, with $15M invested and over 15 years of sustained efforts since the project’s start in 2008. Liberty’s internet services are now 100% fiber-based, and the expansion provides access to high-speed internet for all customers in both West Liberty, West Branch and surrounding rural areas.

“The amount of positive impact from completing our 100% fiber internet project will be endless for the communities we serve,” says Brandy Marquez, Marketing and Experience Manager at Liberty Communications. “Access to high-speed internet gives our residents and businesses the same opportunities they’d have in big cities. Whether they want to work from home, go to school, or run an online store—we’re here to make their dreams come true. Liberty couldn’t be prouder to provide high-speed fiber internet that opens the door to endless possibilities.”

Liberty’s 100% fiber internet project is a game-changer for Eastern Iowa’s rural communities, which have lacked access to high-speed internet for decades. Investing in fiber optics to replace traditional copper cables means Liberty can provide faster internet speeds and a more reliable connection to support the future of their service areas.

“We’re making investments that will help local residents not only today, but a hundred years from now—just as the founders of Liberty did back in 1907,” says Justin Stinson, CEO of Liberty Communications. “Staying competitive with our services is important for our growth as a company. But the main goal is to support our communities with the high-speed internet they need to develop and thrive in an increasingly digital world. Completing our 100% fiber internet expansion project reflects Liberty’s ongoing commitment to the future of Eastern Iowa.”

As part of the 100% fiber internet project, Liberty expanded their service area around West Liberty and West Branch, including rural areas near Iowa City.  The local company also recently acquired Fairfield-based Natel Broadband and is now working to provide more high-speed internet services to residents in Southeast Iowa and currently has projects underway in Fairfield, Centerville, Mt Pleasant and surrounding areas as they continue to expand.

Press Release

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