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April 25, 2011 – Level 3 Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: LVLT) today announced a new wireless backup solution that provides customers protection against any disruption to their network services. The wireless solution provides a reliable alternative to traditional IP network backup, simplifies business-continuity options, and offers an economical solution for organizations hoping to avoid the costs of purchasing diverse network paths.

With the increasing reliance on digital systems in today’s international business environment, a disruption of telecommunications services or loss of critical information can be crippling to an organization. Enterprises require redundant solutions to ensure their business systems operate without interruption to protect the company’s viability and its ability to effectively serve its customers. Government agencies also require redundant solutions to ensure they can provide citizens with critical public services during a crisis.

“Our increasingly information-based economy requires the rapid adoption of interconnected network systems for global commerce and, at the same time, governments are increasingly dependent on network systems to provide critical federal services,” said Courtney Munroe, vice president of Worldwide Telecommunications at IDC. “However, using such systems requires organizations to ensure vital services and information continue to be accessible in the event of an emergency. The ability for telecommunications providers to offer multiple backup solutions is critical to meeting this need.”

Enhancing its managed router capabilities, Level 3’s wireless backup access is now available across the U.S. for the company’s dedicated Internet access (DIA), virtual private network (VPN) and converged business network services. The new wireless backup solution complements an already robust IP network with multiple diverse paths, offering Level 3 customers a comprehensive approach to service continuity and data recovery in the event of an emergency.

“Level 3 has long been dedicated to providing business continuity solutions that enable organizations to confidently work toward their critical objectives knowing their service access is protected,” said Paul Savill, senior vice president of Data, Transport and Infrastructure Services for Level 3. “This assurance plays a vital role in growing the digital economy, and we are delighted that the inclusion of wireless backup into our business continuity portfolio enhances the redundancy options for our customers.”

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Press Release

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