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January 20, 2020 – Macon, MO – Spurred on by a 13-community service expansion project, Chariton Valley in Macon, Missouri is transitioning over to a full video channel lineup using the Innovative Systems MG-TV Live Streaming product under the brand name CVTV.

Ryan Johnson, Chief Operating Officer at Chariton Valley says the decision to offer a streaming only video service is a good fit for companies that want to be competitive with a bundle and reduce install and Set Top Box expenses. Johnson says the service installation for new homes is literally a 15-minute install compared to several hours for a traditional video installation. Given the size of a 13-community footprint, Johnson stated that streaming made the most sense. By offering a consumer device delivered service, customers who desire adding CVTV later can do so without the need of a service call.

Launching a Full Channel Lineup from Day 1

Chariton Valley wanted to make a big splash in their new CLEC markets and felt a full channel lineup via streaming was needed. Johnson says the CVTV campaign has been successful and has appreciated the effort between his team and the live support group at Innovative Systems that enabled them to get the new streaming service launched right before the

Press Release

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