Innovative Systems White Paper

The Dangers of Being a Broadband-only Provider

For years, cord-cutting trends and the obsolescence of traditional phone service have encouraged broadband providers to focus on the product people want and need most: internet. During peak times of cell phone adoption and streaming services, the focus on internet made sense.

A reliance on internet alone, though, may leave you high and dry when customers find another solution and aren’t sticky enough to stay. How can broadband-only providers increase revenue and customer retention? Find out in Innovative Systems’ new white paper, “Don’t Let Your Cord Be the Next One Cut: Why Diversifying Services Is Safer Than a Broadband-only Strategy.” In this free white paper, you’ll learn about:

  • The trend toward broadband-only homes and how providers have followed suit
  • Competitive threats to broadband-only providers
  • Additional revenue streams for companies that supply broadband
  • And more

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