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Little Rock, Arkansas – October 18, 2022 -(BUSINESS WIRE) – Kinetic Secure Home, Kinetic’s DIY home security solution, is evolving to meet the needs of the consumer and provide a best-in-class customer experience. The solution now includes a video doorbell camera option, letting customers monitor their homes, track deliveries and visitors, day and night, from wherever they are.

This is a new, entry level package into the Kinetic Secure Home suite of products available to both new and existing Kinetic internet subscribers. Additionally, existing users can now update their software to allow their security cameras to send alerts when a person is detected. This new “person detection” feature makes notifications smarter and home monitoring easier.

“We just made an award-winning product even better,” said Mark Lederman, vice president of product marketing. “And we’re not stopping. We will continue to innovate and upgrade to exceed our customers’ expectations.”

Kinetic Secure Video Doorbell

Never miss a package or a visitor with the new video doorbell. Key features include 1080p full high-definition day and infrared night vision, two-way audio, and a 180-degree field of view with motion and person detection. With this camera, customers can deter crime, screen visitors, track deliveries and review high quality video surveillance as needed.

The Kinetic Secure Home Video Doorbell is available to both new and existing Kinetic internet customers for as low as $7 a month, plus the cost of the equipment.

Software Upgrade Featuring Person Detection

Person detection cuts down on false-alarm alerts. The new software doesn’t just detect a moving object. It determines if the object is a person. If the algorithm detects clothing, facial features, or a human shape, it will send an alert to a Kinetic Secure Home customer with notifications enabled. Sound detection also allows customers to receive alerts if any events happen outside the camera’s field of view.

Existing Kinetic Secure Home customers can access “person detection” at no additional charge simply by updating the Kinetic Secure Home app on their Android or Apple iOS operating system.

Kinetic Secure Home

Kinetic by Windstream previously offered two home DIY core security system packages, both with no contracts. The video doorbell is a third option at an entry level price point but can also be sold as an add-on to one of the core packages. All packages are do-it-yourself setup with app-based monitoring (both self and 24/7 professional monitoring available).

Kinetic Secure Home costs $10 a month, with a one-time $60 equipment fee. Kinetic Secure Home Plus runs $30 a month, with a one-time $240 equipment fee and includes professional monitoring, cellular and battery backup

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Press Release

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