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Alpharetta, GA (PRWEB)October 30, 2015 — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that they are now providing Pioneer Communications with diagnostics and network management tools and services to help manage its DOCSIS, DSL and Fiber networks. Based in Ulysses, Kansas, Pioneer Communications serves 24 communities from six office locations in the southwestern part of the state.

Under the agreement, TruVizion, ZCorum’s cross platform monitoring and diagnostic tool, will allow Pioneer to monitor their DOCSIS, DSL, and Fiber networks from within a single, web-based application. The tool’s dashboard provides operators with real-time status of their network and CPE devices, as well as maps, charts, reports, and other data useful for troubleshooting broadband issues.

“TruVizion is a powerful asset, especially for providers like Pioneer who are offering broadband services using multiple broadband technologies,” said Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Arthur Skinner. “With TruVizion providers no longer need to log in to separate applications in order to see key statistics about their broadband network and subscriber devices. Whether it’s DOCSIS, DSL, or Fiber, TruVizion puts a wealth of information at their fingertips.” Pioneer will also receive the companion mobile app, TechVizion, that gives technicians similar capabilities while they are in the field.

Additionally, the deployment of PreEqualization Analyzer, ZCorum’s proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool for DOCSIS networks, gives Pioneer the ability to proactively fix impairments in their plant, while benefiting from the improved signal quality inherent in DOCSIS pre-equalization. The software based PNM tool makes use of the pre-equalization data coming from cable modems to identify upstream impairments in the cable plant before subscriber services are impacted. The tool shows the severity and approximate location of the problem, and which devices are being affected by a common impairment.

ZCorum will also host an Auto Configuration Server (ACS) for Pioneer. Broadband Forum’s TR-069 standard enables DSL providers, in conjunction with an ACS, to automate provisioning, reboot modems and upgrade firmware remotely without having to be at a subscriber’s home. Technicians and customer service reps can take advantage of these management capabilities to aid in troubleshooting issues for subscribers. “Telcos haven’t had the advantages that cable providers have had with diagnostics and modem management, but with TR-069 and our ACS they now have the tools to help them improve their operation and the reliability of their service, said Skinner.”

“ZCorum’s tools and systems are ideal to help Pioneer meet the advanced network management requirements of their multiple network architecture,” said Julie Compann, President and CEO of ZCorum. “We’re committed to the success of Pioneer Communications, and are pleased to offer them the tools to provide a superior customer experience.”

Press Release

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