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Kwikom, a broadband provider based in Kansas that also serves some markets in Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma, has begun work on fiber deployments in several Kansas markets. Deployments in some of these markets were funded, in part, through a state broadband program and, in part, by funding provided by local governments.

The total investment will be $12 million. Over 7,000 homes and businesses will be reached.

The markets that will be partially grant-funded include Pomona, Quenemo and over 20 square miles of rural area between Ottawa and Quenemo. A Kwikom spokesperson told Telecompetitor in an email that $787,000 in funding for those projects came from the Kansas Capital Projects Fund. In addition, Franklin county and the cities of Pomona and Quenemo contributed a total of $16,000 to project costs.

Construction in those markets has begun.

Other markets where Kwikom will deploy fiber include Ottawa, Wellsville, Williamsburg and Homewood. Construction has begun in Ottawa and Wellsville and will begin soon in Williamsburg and Homewood.

According to a press release, the expansion will fully serve every home in Ottawa, Wellsville, Pomona and Williamsburg, as well as much of the surrounding rural community.

“We appreciate and value the relationships we have developed with the residents, businesses and leaders in Franklin County over the past decade as we have grown our broadband service throughout the county,” said Zach Peres, Kwikom’s president and founder, in a prepared statement. “We are excited to bring fiber internet service along with quality local customer service, technical support and professional installation our Franklin County customers and partners have come to expect from us.”

Kwikom was established in 2004 and is owned by another Kansas provider, WANRack. In addition to fiber infrastructure, Kwikom also has fixed wireless operations, primarily outside Kansas.

Additional information about Kansas broadband, including links to funding programs, Telecompetitor news coverage, state broadband office resources and more, can be found on the Broadband Nation web page for Kansas.

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