The much anticipated launch of Joost has the industry abuzz. Will Joost become the ‘skype’ of the video world? Recent comments by their incoming CEO, Mike Volpi, suggest that Joost may have plans well beyond the PC. Volpi says that Joost is basically a software platform that can reside any number of places, including a set top box. The WebTVWire blog has an interesting post, ranking the possible STB partners.

So far, it seems as if Joost has done everything right. They have content partners who will share revenue. They have a decent interface for finding content of interest. Their founders have a knack for being disruptive while making money at it. Imagine a Joost/AppleTV or Joost/Slingbox partnership. I’m sure TiVo would have an interest in some Joost action too. Regardless of partner or platform, moving the Joost experience from the PC to the television creates more pressure on cable MSOs, DBS, and IPTV providers to not lose eyeballs, market share, and advertising dollars to yet another potential competitor.

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