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Even in the early morning hours, gamers are using networks they deem reliable and capable of handling the bandwidth they need. As network demand grows, it’s imperative to future-proof your network and solidify your reputation as the provider of choice in your community.

With the advent of eSports, the gaming industry has grown. It’s become a networking space, a chance to establish a career, qualify for scholarships, and win big in eSports arenas across the globe. With access to a strong and reliable connection, you are sought after as a provider for this large customer base.

This is an exciting time as providers lean into hosting eSports tournaments and building a network that benefits this new wave of clientele. With the increased demands on network standards, there are steps you can take to prepare for and demonstrate network resiliency.

Achieving Holistic Network Health

Knowing the health and quality of your network will provide the necessary insight as you navigate network decisions. Once you have a full picture of your network, the natural next step is to address any concerns or areas that were previously blind spots. Addressing the initial assessment and then taking action to protect and build resiliency can all be accomplished with a variety of network services from our engineering team.

JSI Network Security
Source: JSI

Below are some preventative measures you can take to create a more resilient network.

  • Network Assessment
    • By conducting a Network Assessment, you learn exactly where the blind spots are in your network and what you can do to ensure they are corrected.
    • With this, you will gain valuable insight into your operations as you make network decisions. Remain informed and compliant with a digestible report and detailed look into your network.
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring and Support
    • With users being online at all hours, a 24/7 monitoring approach ensures that your network support is awake with them.
    • This will provide you with eyes on your network around the clock with real-time network analytics and a team that is ready to detect, act, and resolve before you even know of a potential issue.
  • DDoS Mitigation Service
    • Waiting for an outage to happen can prove to be an expensive and exhausting challenge that is easily avoided by implementing this preventative measure.
    • Prevent gamer-to-gamer attacks that can pull every user offline. This type of mitigation service detects an attack at the very first indication and then disperses your users temporarily until it is safe to return, all without any interruption to their service.
  • IPv6 Implementation
    • If you’re ready to make the infrastructure switch, this is the most solid approach to ensuring network resiliency. Offering reliability and faster speeds, it also offers more robust network security than IPv4 for additional peace of mind for both customer and provider.
    • Our team will upgrade your network and get you online quickly, so your customers experience faster service and stronger signals.

eSports tournaments and the opportunities that surround them are giving us a taste of the network demands heading our way. Leveraging the expertise of the JSI Network team can help prepare your network for the ever-growing demands.

This series features insight into important broadband industry issues from industry leaders.

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