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March 30, 2021 — With over 800 video customers and a diverse demographic customer base, the FMTC leadership in Stanton Iowa felt an obligation and commitment to invest in a significant video upgrade using the Innovative Systems video solution. Kevin Cabbage, CEO at FMTC, said that he had deep thoughts about continuing to pursue a video play, but felt that they needed to maintain a local video service for their customers for at least the next five years.

Why Five Years?

Cabbage, like many other video providers, still feels that people will not stop consuming video, and with a wide age range of customers at FMTC, video still adds value to their other products and services.

Multi-Generation TV from Innovative a Differentiator

MG-TV, according to Cabbage, anchors their older customers, who want nothing to do with app-based streaming to IPTV, while still having an offering that younger tech-savvy consumers will like. Cabbage says he likes the idea of letting his customers choose a traditional Set-Top-Box experience or using one of their own home consumer devices such as Roku, AppleTV or Amazon Fire. The other appealing factor with the Innovative Systems solution for Cabbage is the in-home mobility, that gives their customers access to the FMTC lineup on tablets and smartphones. FMTC like many other providers, has received funding to provide more fiber, and they expect to double in customer count size in the next two to three years. This new project will allow them to offer the MG-TV Live Streaming to those new customers without the major expense of installation and STBs.

Press Release

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