Mobile DataA majority of mobile device users around the world consume significantly greater amounts of cellular data following the introduction of an integrated Wi-Fi and cellular service, according to market research results released today by Devicescape.

Data gathered from Devicescape’s ABC (Always Best Connected) Wi-Fi service platform revealed a 17 percent increase in billable monthly cellular data use from 64 percent of end users. Devicescape’s ABC solution manages movement of users’ communications between cellular networks, its own Curated Virtual Private Network (CVPN) of 20 million amenity Wi-Fi locations worldwide, and private home and office Wi-Fi hotspots.

Similar results might be expected for wireless carriers’ integrated cellular/ WiFi offerings. Wireless carrier support for integrated technology should increase moving forward as the carriers deploy equipment supporting seamless roaming standards.

Cellular Data Consumption
“Given automated access to the best available networks, end users ‘super-sized’ their overall data consumption,” Devicescape touts in a press release. The average user’s combined cellular and Wi-Fi data consumption rose 48 percent within three months, according to the company.

A 17 percent increase in billable monthly usage is an attractive opportunity for wireless network operators, but end users benefit as well, Devicescape says. “End users were able to exploit Wi-Fi for a dramatic increase in overall data consumed against a small incremental investment in cellular.”

Commented Devicescape CEO Dave Fraser: ““When operators deliver an intelligent, integrated Wi-Fi and cellular experience like this, end users choose to use more of everything. The user’s cost-per-megabyte comes down, the customer experience improves and the operator drives up ARPU.”

“Mobile operators have long worried that Wi-Fi use will cannibalize cellular data,” he added. “But, as these figures show, the opposite is true. Always Best Connected gives consumers a lot more data for a little more spend, and it frees operators to manage and monetize the entire data experience.”

In addition to its latest market research, Devicescape also announced the launch of Safetynet Curator, a means for mobile operators to enhance Wi-Fi monetization through the addition of an auto-VPN solution to Devicescape’s Curated Virtual Network (CVN).

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