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SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwire – March 10, 2011) – St. Bernard Software, Inc., DBA EdgeWave, (OTCBB: EWVE), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced that Iowa Network Services (INS), a leading network and telecommunications provider, has selected EdgeWave’s Email Security (powered by Red Condor) to protect the subscribers of over 100 rural telecommunications companies across the Midwest. INS will offer EdgeWave’s hosted email security as an integrated solution providing its customers with scalable anti-spam, anti-phishing and anti-virus protection.

Based in West Des Moines, Iowa, INS is a premier telecommunication and technology provider that is privately owned by a group of Independent Telephone Companies (ITCs). The INS Network, in conjunction with its member partners, has collectively served Iowa and other Midwestern states since 1989 and continually meets customer demands nationwide by offering a wide array of communication services. The company was looking for a reliable, scalable email security solution that could provide best-in-class technology, demonstrate measureable value, and ensure that its customers received maximum threat protection.

INS was attracted to EdgeWave’s innovative threat detection technology and industry-leading reputation in the anti-spam market. After an impressive product evaluation, and detailed cost to benefit analysis, INS concluded that EdgeWave not only met all of their technology requirements, but did so with a noticeably lower total cost of ownership compared to its previous solution. Upon reviewing the facts, INS abandoned its legacy spam filtering product and became part of the EdgeWave team. INS estimates more than 20 percent savings over the next three years as a result of the change.

Among the many features INS applauds is EdgeWave’s comprehensive, yet streamlined quarantine options. EdgeWave offers end-user spam management via a web-based Personal Dashboard that empowers mailbox owners to quickly and efficiently refine their spam policies, configure mail routing, view reports, monitor filter performance, and review quarantined spam. Because it is a hosted service and integrates with customer systems, INS is able to deliver this feature to its independent telecommunications companies as a brandable and customizable offering, ultimately establishing greater differentiation, competitiveness, and profitability.

In addition, EdgeWave Email Security also provides INS with dramatic bandwidth savings by eliminating the vast majority of spam or unwanted content before it was able to reach the network and consume critical storage space and bandwidth. As a hosted solution, EdgeWave Email Security significantly reduces the burden on INS’s corporate email servers, thus reducing bandwidth expenses and resulting in additional overall savings.

“As a leading provider of hosted services for telecommunications companies, businesses, and large enterprise customers, we pride ourselves in offering the highest quality and most dependable solutions available,” said Chris Williams, Manager of Internet Products at Iowa Network Services. “With EdgeWave’s Hosted Email Security, INS benefits from a best-in-class solution that delivers enhanced threat coverage, near 100 percent accuracy, reduced resource requirements, noticeable bandwidth savings, rapid deployment, and simplified management.”

“Iowa Network Services’ integration of EdgeWave’s hosted email security into their service portfolio is a ringing endorsement of our technology,” said Kip Quackenbush, VP Service Provider Sales at EdgeWave. “We hang our hat on being able to understand and resolve the unique challenges facing service providers, and our hosted email solution is a great example of how we have successfully eliminated several of these specific pain points. We’re confident that our portfolio of Secure Content Management solutions will help INS and other service providers deliver comprehensive security while amplifying their business.”

EdgeWave Email Security is backed by industry-leading messaging security and technology. Offering Zero Minute Defense, advanced content filtering and proven messaging policies, EdgeWave Email Security rapidly detects and eliminates messaging attacks and threats before they reach the customer’s mailbox. As a hosted solution, EdgeWave delivers infinite scalability and ease-of-use for any size organization from SMB’s to large distributed enterprises.

For more information regarding EdgeWave and its Secure Content Management solutions, please visit or call 1-800-782-3762.

Press Release

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