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February 17th, 2014 — Clear Lake, SD – For one Midwest Telco, Innovative System’s Innostream Video on Demand service is giving them a significant improvement in both storage capacity and video formatting. Interstate Telephone Coop in Clear Lake SD has rolled out Video on Demand to one of their exchanges and according to Video Engineer Josh Cokens he has immediately noticed several advantages over their old VOD system that is soon to reach its end of support.

According to Cokens the 10 terabyte capacity gives them flexibility in adding more HD and local content. Since the conversion Cokens reports that he hasn’t heard of any ingestion errors and that the system is working as advertised. As far as video uploads, according to Cokens, “We are quite pleased about the fact we have yet to find a video format that Innostream has not been able to automatically upload to our VOD library.”

Working on Multiple Middleware Solutions
Contrary to earlier reports, Cokens states that they have Innostream Video on Demand working on multiple middleware solutions. ITC has currently capped one middleware solution, moving customers off of it and putting any new subscribers onto APMAX middleware. Cokens says their current VOD library consists of movies, shows and other free VOD content

Press Release

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