The INDATELgroup contacted us to clarify some points from a previous post. As we often do in our posts, we added our own commentary and interpretation about INDATELgroup and their vision for the future. But as Max Huffman, INDATELgroup’s president clarified with us, some aspects of our interpretation, namely the competitive implications, are not a part of their vision. “Our members are carrier’s carriers in the truest sense of the word,” says Huffman. “INDATELgroup members have no intention of competing with nationwide carriers, many of whom are great customers of ours,” he said. According to Huffman, the concept of interconnecting INDATELgroup members, the subject of the original post, is more about ‘cost avoidance’ for member companies than competitive intentions. The concept is currently being validated by INDATELgroup, with more discussion to take place over the next few months. We’ll stay tuned for more info.

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