The next frontier for broadband carriers is within the home. Some may argue broadband carriers have already crossed that frontier, thanks in large part to IPTV. But as new research from In-Stat points out, we’re really at the beginning stages of this important trend. In-Stat says that by 2013, the (computing, gaming, stationary digital consumer electronics, portable and mobile wireless devices) in use as in 2008. Many, if not all, of those devices will be connected and interacting with each other. That’s good news for broadband carriers. It adds value to a broadband subscription and it creates additional business opportunity as customers look for help in networking their home.

As a result, leveraging existing wired networks within the home becomes of great importance. Technologies like and are becoming much more relevant. Light Reading’s Phil Harvey pointed out that AT&T, the largest North American carrier using HomePNA, is working feverishly to and starting to see some progress. “Networking over wiring that already exists in homes is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly the case among service provider entertainment networks that connect set-top boxes together and to residential gateways,” says In-Stat.

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