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Do you realize that nearly 30 million Americans cannot get broadband service? Imagine if you were not able to shop online, communicate with friends and family via video chat or even search the internet for basic answers to questions, especially in these current times.

The question many have been asking is how does the U.S. bridge this digital divide? The FCC, led by Chairman Pai, has been taking significant steps to help by funding programs like the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF).

Service providers across the US focused on delivering broadband to the underserved are participating in the auctions for RDOF later this year. Once the auctions are complete, the service providers who are funded then have the task of either building a new broadband network or expanding their existing network to serve some of these 30 million Americans.

The number of decisions to be made after the funding has been secured are many and figuring out where to begin is often daunting. There are infrastructure decisions, which include everything from building your core network to how to physically connect the subscriber residence to your network.

There are technology decisions related to what technology you will deploy to the subscriber home, such as GPON, XGS-PON, NG-PON2 or point-to-point Ethernet. Then, once you make these decisions there is the process of actually delivering the service.

Will you deliver just a broadband data service for residential subscribers or will you deliver additional value-added services? Once you’ve made these decisions, you then have to figure out how to manage the network, install and provision the subscriber service and even charge your subscribers.

There are many decisions to make, but help is here. Join us on August 4th at 3pm ET/12 PM PT for part 1 of our webinar series with Telecompetitor where we’ll walk you through how to deliver an ultrabroadband experience to your subscribers. We’ll discuss the decisions you need to make and how you can simplify your network and the operation of it while delivering an exceptional experience.

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