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Cupertino, California (April 29, 2014) – Entone, Inc., a global leader of Cloud TV and Connected Home solutions, today announced that iTV-3 has selected its EnterLink™ video networking solution for advanced IPTV services.

iTV-3 continues to build out its state-of-the-art FTTH network in Central Illinois, offering a triple-play bundle of broadband, video, and voice services. iTV-3 offers over 300 channels, including 150 HD programs, video-on-demand, and now whole-home hybrid TV services.

“To better meet the changing demands of our customers and to strengthen our competitive position, we needed a reliable solution that was easy to install,” said Levi Dinkla, Vice President of iTV-3. “Entone’s EnterLink solution offers everything we need today and also provides us a flexible platform to quickly rollout advanced features like whole-home DVR and cloud-based services without replacing our set-top boxes.”

Entone’s EnterLink video networking solution enables the distribution of TV services to numerous IP-connected devices without requiring new wiring or the necessity of operator-provisioned set-top boxes. EnterLink offers flexible options for whole-home video distribution, including Wi-Fi (802.11ac), MoCA and Boxless.

“With our EnterLink solution, distributing high-quality video services throughout the home is simplified, thus, reducing installation costs for delivering a whole-home entertainment experience,” said Mark Evensen, founder and CTO of Entone. “We look forward to supporting iTV-3 as they continue to rollout new compelling services.”

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