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Baltimore Pilot to Demonstrate New High-Speed Wireless Option

BALTIMORE, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — A pioneering new broadband wireless technology is now on display in Baltimore  city, providing 50+ Mbps downstream capability. Go Long Wireless has launched the Baltimore MVDDS pilot to demonstrate how this new “wireless FTTH” broadband option can bring both a next generation triple play bundle to consumers and robust mission-critical broadband connectivity to the small, medium, and enterprise business communities.

“MVDDS is about broadband options. With this new wireless approach to broadband, we’re demonstrating how communities all over the country can introduce broadband competition, bring broadband to the unserved and underserved, and significantly reduce the cost of broadband facilities construction,” said Bruce Fox, CEO of Go Long Wireless. “We’re bringing an unrivaled wireless broadband pipe, Hyper Broadband, into the home or business, on par with what any wireline broadband technology can do, at a fraction of the typical wireline deployment cost.”

MVDDS is a fixed wireless broadband technology which uses 500 MHz of protected licensed spectrum in the 12.2 -12.7 GHz band, capable of delivering high-speed broadband, HD video, and voice services. The Go Long Wireless Baltimore pilot uses a transmission antenna at the World Trade Center in downtown Baltimore and a receive antenna at the Emerging Technology Center in the Canton area. The pilot is currently delivering up to 50 Mbps in downstream broadband (3+ Mbps in upstream broadband), multichannel 1080p HD video, and voice services. The pilot is available for demonstration. Interested parties should email or call 941-586-8512.

Go Long Wireless is partnering with investors and service providers to bring this unique broadband opportunity to Baltimore and hundreds of other communities across the country. MVDDS is an excellent wireless broadband option for existing service providers to complement their current broadband strategy and/or to overbuild new markets with its Hyper Broadband business model. Interested parties should contact Bruce Fox at 941-349-3500 or

Press Release

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