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PLANO, Texas — Sept. 9, 2015 — Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced that PocketiNet Communications, (“PocketiNet”), a locally owned and operated broadband Internet and Home Security service provider, has selected Huawei for rolling out its Fiber to the Home (FTTH) or Gigabit Country™ initiative to bring ultra-fast Gigabit Internet to the City of Walla Walla in Washington State. The Gigabit initiative is one of the select few to be launched in the U.S. without State or Federal funding.

Huawei will provide its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) solutions throughout PocketiNet’s network footprint in Walla Walla Valley, bringing FTTH services that will enable Internet speeds 100 times faster than broadband and 20 times faster than cable, to over 15,000 homes and businesses in the area in a multi-year build-out. Huawei will also provide Optical Distribution Network (ODN) products, switches, and routers to PocketiNet.

“We are pleased to partner with Huawei to make Walla Walla Valley Gigabit Country. Huawei not only understands the unique needs of the tier-three telecoms market which are frequently overlooked but they are also dedicated to providing the pre-sales and after-sales support that we are looking for. Another great advantage of the Huawei partnership is that it allows us to be scalable over the long-term, so that we can provide our customers with the Gigabit services they need today without having to overhaul our whole network,” said Todd Brandenburg, President and Founder of PocketiNet Communications.

Founded in April of 2000, PocketiNet serves the Columbia Basin region in Washington State from Clarkston to Yakimaand south to Umatilla, OR and all points in between, serving 17 markets and comprising an area of nearly 10,000 sq. miles. PocketiNet is majority-owned by Vancouver-based Columbia Ventures Corp.

PocketiNet Communications expects to complete initial deployments of the Gigabit network in 12-15 months, with a combination of underground and overhead Fiber Optics deployment, starting with four large geographical neighborhoods or “Fiberhoods”. Other areas will be added as construction is completed.

“Connecting rural communities with gigabit broadband is a core part of Huawei’s business globally and in the U.S., and our customers around the world benefit from our global scale as well as experience,” said Ming He, General Manager of Huawei Technologies USA. “We are excited to continue our growth momentum in the U.S. with rural telecoms customers including Eastern Oregon Telecom and PocketiNet in Walla Walla Valley.”

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PocketiNet Communications to help bring ultra-fast Gigabit services to the Walla Walla Valley community,” said Bill Gerski, Vice President of Sales for Huawei USA. “Tier-three markets not only tend to be underserved but they have very different needs from tier-one markets, such as distance, terrain and density issues. Serving over one-third of the world’s population, Huawei not only understands the needs of the tier-three telecoms but is committed to helping rural communities be connected to the advanced technologies that developed cities enjoy.”

Once deployed, the Fiber Optic network will boast up to one gigabit-per-second speed, which is an average 100 times faster than broadband. It is estimated to take about twenty four seconds to download a high-definition television (HDTV) show and 120 seconds for a high-definition (HD, 14GB) movie.

“We are delighted that PocketiNet Communications and Huawei have partnered to launch this Gigabit initiative. With our established business community, growing wine region, and rich culture, Walla Walla Valley is often seen as the next Napa Valley. Turning Walla Walla into Gigabit Country is exciting as it will help to propel the development of the region as a tourist destination,” said Jerry Cummins, City of Walla Walla Mayor. “Walla Walla is a great place to live and work. As a hub for medical, professional and business services for Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon, the development of a borderless community will be beneficial in creating greater economic opportunities and diversity for the City of Walla Walla.”

Press Release

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