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We all know the value of delivering a great customer experience (CX). After all, loyal customers that are happy with their service are not only more likely to stick around they are also more likely to share their positive service experiences with others. As a broadband service provider, this can have significant, positive impacts on your business. According to Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company, a 5% increase in customer retention rate can lead to a 25% or more increase in profit.

If these loyal customers become advocates, they can even earn you new business. People are 90% more likely to trust a recommendation by friends or family, according to HubSpot. That’s why it’s key for broadband service providers to implement a CX program and ensure their systems and employees provide a smooth experience across the entire customer journey.

CX when things don’t go according to plan

When a customer encounters a problem, such as an internet outage or a service issue, they may be inclined to think poorly of your business or service. But there’s a silver lining. While not ideal in the moment, these moments present an excellent opportunity for your business to surprise, delight, and turn a regular customer into a loyal advocate.

For example, let’s say a customer is experiencing an outage that requires a technician to visit their home. If your process makes it difficult or time-consuming to resolve the problem—maybe your customer has to navigate a phone tree and sit on hold for an hour before talking to a human being, then wait again while the rep calls the technician to schedule a home visit—that may leave a bad taste in their mouth. They’ll be left with feelings of frustration even after service is restored.

However, if the customer makes a call and is greeted by a friendly, sympathetic service rep after just a few rings, who is able to pull up their information and submit a service request quickly, they’ll feel valued. The bad memory of an outage is replaced by a good memory of feeling prioritized. It’s the kind of experience that they will share with others: “When this bad thing happened, the company actually cared and made it right.”

Reducing friction along the customer journey

Rather than simply solving the problem, a great CX program finds opportunities to show your customers that you value their business. This can be done by reducing friction at key touchpoints, such as making it easy to reach customer support and empowering your team to go above and beyond.

Part of that is having a business and operational support system (B/OSS) that gives your team the tools they need to address issues quickly and create a smooth, seamless experience along the entire customer journey. At CDG, we build our platforms to help you deliver the best CX possible. Connect with us to learn more about our integrated systems and the improvements they can bring.

This series features insight into important broadband industry issues from industry leaders.

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