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Grand Junction, Colorado – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Highline is excited to announce that it has now completed construction to over 1,500 Grand Junction homes. With our mission to address unserved, underserved and previously unhappily served residents and offering them a choice for real high-speed Internet we have made significant progress in our build. From September 2022, when we turned up our first customer in the area, through February 2023 we are targeting and completing construction in neighborhoods surrounding Spring Valley Park, south of Grand Junction Regional Airport.

Grand Junction households have been excited to have a choice of Internet providers, and elated at having Fiber to the Premise(FTTP) or Home(FTTH) with higher symmetrical speeds (both Download speed and Upload speed the same). Fiber allows for these symmetrical speeds which are almost impossible to get in a Cable/Coax network. Symmetrical speeds not only make sure you are not “waiting for things to load” and your streaming of content is stable, but also ensure connectivity while working from home with uninterrupted video calls and workplace collaboration!

The beginning of the build in Grand Junction has helped improve education, healthcare and economic development for everyone, as well as made it easily accessible to work and school from home as needed. Highline adding the addition of a choice for dependable high-speed internet enhances the opportunity to live in Mesa County. Our spring focus is in the areas of Fruitvale and areas north of Patterson Road so watch for our construction trucks and signs in the area.

We encourage people to go online to our website at and complete a “sign-up” to give us your names, addresses, and emails so that we may reach out to you as our construction is ongoing and you too can get your real High-Speed Internet!

Press Release

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