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MobiTV, a video services provider for over 100 video operators, is in bankruptcy with auctions underway for both its assets and for its patents/intellectual property. There are quite a few bidders and some drama as well.

Reports have TiVo/Xperi and Amino, a U.K-based provider of video technology, battling it out in the auction for the MobiTV business.. There are other auction participants, and the leaderboard could change. Roku is also involved but seems to be more interested in the patents/intellectual property.

MobiTV filed for bankruptcy back in March. The ongoing business auction winner will presumably take over MobiTV operations and its customer base, which is reported to include over 120 video providers, many of whom belong to the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC).

NCTC was trying to pull together a consortium to bid for MobiTV assets but it’s not entirely clear if that is in play. The winner of the MobiTV auction will have to get approval from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.

There was a bit of a wrinkle in the process early on. Ohio-based Buckeye Cablevision filed an objection to the process, claiming it has a “free and clear” license for MobiTV source code and it should not be subject to any auction winner’s claims. Buckeye says it paid MobiTV over $1 million back in 2020 for a managed services agreement which granted Buckeye a non-exclusive license to the intellectual property that is now subject to the auction process.

It’s a complicated auction process, which ties the intellectual property bids and the bids for the ongoing concern together. The auction is scheduled to resume today. The whole process must be completed by the end of May.

MobiTV received a bridge loan from T-Mobile to stay afloat pre-bankruptcy, but it wasn’t enough. T-Mobile subsequently dropped its streaming TV service, which was powered by the MobiTV platform. T-Mobile decided to partner with YouTube TV instead of keeping its own video service going.

Update: Just a few hours after we published this post, MobiTV announced that TiVo had won the auction to acquire all its assets.

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