Google PhoneThe Google Nexus One honeymoon is starting to crack. Google received heaps of coverage over the launch of their so called ‘superphone.’ But problems are starting to mount for the Nexus One. There appear to be some annoying technical glitches. But all new tech products have those. The real issue is Google’s non-existent customer service approach.

So much for revolutionizing the cell phone buying experience. No one should be surprised. Google’s customer service (or lack thereof ) is legendary. Their idea of great customer service is email and user forums. Maybe that works for Google Apps (or not in our case), but certainly won’t suffice in the world of consumer electronics. If you just paid $579 for the latest ‘superphone,’ you don’t want to have to turn to an online user forum for support.

Nexus One users appear to be getting the run around, bounced between Google, HTC (the phone’s manufacturer), and T-Mobile. Frustration is apparently growing by the minute.

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