Games on demand (GOD) is closer to becoming reality. In theory GOD works much the same way VOD works today, allowing subscribers to purchase games on demand and play them on both a computer and possibly a TV. One could argue that GOD already exists, with several gaming sites available to customers to play games whenever they wish. This newest iteration takes it up a notch. Console type games like the ones currently played on Xbox or Playstation will conceivably now be available on demand, without the need for the console or the game software. The new service comes from , which claims their technology has perfected the process of broadband enabled ‘consoleless’ gaming, providing the same experience as consoles. You can imagine the skepticism of such a claim. But that’s not stopping OnLive from launching in the very near term.

Should such an application become viable, it further demonstrates the lifestyle enabled by broadband. It also pressures broadband service providers to ensure a quality of experience (QoE) for customers to take advantage of these applications. Indeed, QoE is quickly becoming a tool to be used to create competitive advantage. Broadband service providers who are able to deliver better QoE stand to differentiate themselves and attract higher paying ‘digital’ customers.

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One thought on “Games on Demand in the Pipeline

  1. If they locate their Server and Gaming SOftware on Service Providers (SP) Data Center connected to the various Last Mile Networks (FTTH/CableModem/DSL)tied back to their Central Game Center they would be able to deliver a true Low Latency MultiPlayer Gaming Network(without which most subscribers will scream).
    The SP would be able to use their Deep Packet Inspection systems to provide these games with a priority link from the Server to the Termination Device-assuring OnLine of a premium services.
    If they follow the same logic Google did with Googles OpenEdge (Cache Server)at local SP centers they will be able to dominate this Multiplayer gaming market. Either that or Google will buy them and or create their own Gaming service with Local based Servers.
    SP would also pay for the Server based on OnLine SPecs and also provide priority links back to their center over Dual Home Internet links with DPI capabilities.
    Revenue Sharing Partnerships are also in order.

    “Gaming is Local”
    Jim A

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